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Six Things to Never Pay More Than a Dollar For December 6, 2010

There are some things that I absolutely refuse to pay more than $1 for and you may wonder why. I have two primary reasons: (1) they go on sale regularly and (2) they are stockpile items. What does the latter mean? This means that I can buy many of these items at one time and they will last for awhile. As you see, these two rules aren’t applicable to everything on this list but they are applicable for most things. Here are six things I never pay more than $1.00 for—with one exception. 🙂


Eggs – I will not pay more than $1 for eggs. Eggs go on sale regularly and will last for 1-2 months after you purchase them. Today I bought Grade A Large Eggs at Walgreens that were $1 per dozen. I bought two dozen because I had a coupon for $0.55 off two dozen eggs. Now that coupon is a rare find but finding eggs for a dollar isn’t. If I was absolutely desperate for eggs, you might find me willing to spend $1.50 but I have only had to do that once in the past six months. This was the one exception I mentioned above but it is also the one thing I can’t really stockpile.


Pasta – Boxes of pasta regularly go on sale for $1 or less. If you are slightly more health conscious, I often find whole grain Barilla pasta on sale. If you’re not particular, you can easily find them for $0.88/box. And when you do, STOCK UP. You do not even need to cook half a box of pasta for one person and pasta will last forever. (<—Understood hyperbole inserted here.)


Pasta Sauce – Again, pasta sauces regularly go on sale for $0.88-$1.00. You can buy the canned stuff but I prefer the jars. I have found some sauces to be more watered down than others but overall, I find that I can get brands that I love on sale. I always stockpile my sauce alongside my pasta.


Canned Tuna – Tuna is on sale more often than any of the abovementioned items. Tuna is regularly on sale for $0.69-$0.99/can depending on the brand and type. Light tuna is usually cheaper than regular tuna but sometimes not by much. For a healthier option, stick to the water, even though we all know it tastes better in oil.


English Muffins – More than ever I have seen English Muffins on sale—a 6-pack for $1.00. Thus, I often find myself buying 12-packs for $1.99. Recently I received coupons from Thomas so I was able to get a 12-pack for $1.00. What do I do? I freeze them! You can easily defrost them when you’re ready to eat them but just keep an eye on them—if they’re in the freezer for too long, they may start to shrink. Otherwise, I don’t have a problem with freezing them.


Canned Vegetables – Let me make this clear: I will never buy vegetables if I cannot get TWO cans for $1.00. For the most part, I stick to corn but if your palate isn’t as particular as mine, you can probably stretch that even further. These are very quick and easy sides for so many meals and they are an absolute staple.


Stay cheap my friends!