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My Cheapskate Trip to Pathmark December 11, 2010

Pathmark is the closest supermarket for me. There are one or two other stores but they are way more of a trip and one of them doesn’t even have good deals most of the time. My last trip to Pathmark was a pretty good one. Here are the details below!


Spent: $56.45

Two items bought for someone else: $15.33

Actual Amount Spent: $41.42

Saved: $70.10 ($59.85 in PAC Savings; $10.25 in MFR. Coupons.)

Actual Amount Saved: $69.00



2 Boxes of Rice Crispies

1 Box of Tetley Tea Bags

2 Cans of Pam Spray

6 cans of Healthy Harvest Soups

2 Jars of Jam (One was bought for someone else)

1 14 lb Jug of Cat Litter

1 Huge Bag of Cat Food (Bought for someone else)

2 Jars of Peanut Butter

2 Packs of Stella Doro Breadsticks

5 Boxes of Royal Pudding

2 Packages of Starkist Tuna

2 Packages of Polly-O Mozzarella

2 Packages of Breyers Ice Cream

2 Packages of Oscar Meyer Bacon

1 Box of Devil Dogs

1 Box of Taco Shells

1 Package of Heart-Healthy Thomas English Muffins

1 Bottle of Naturally Delicious Salad Dressing


Stay cheap my friends!


2 Responses to “My Cheapskate Trip to Pathmark”

  1. John Says:

    Besides the cat food, I love all the other food you listed hehe.

  2. sakariasen Says:

    I shouldn’t buy junk!

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