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My Cheapskate Trip to Walgreens December 9, 2010

My last trip to Walgreens went something like this:
-I spent $25.97
-I received back $5.00 in Jingle Bucks
-I saved $57.41. Yes. I saved more than double of what I spent.


What I Bought:
-Two 56 oz jugs of Softsoap
-Two gallons of Edy’s Ice cream (So, really I spent less than $20 because this purchase was for someone else.)
-Two dozen eggs
-Two jars of peanut butter
-Three cans of salmon
-Two four pound bags of Domino sugar
-Twenty pack of Energizer batteries (AA)
-Eight pack of Energizer batteries (D)


How I Did This:
-The Softsoap was buy one get one free. It’s cheaper to buy big jugs of soap and refill your little soap bottles that you have at home. I wasn’t able to pick up a Walgreens coupon booklet until later so I could have saved another $0.50 but really, I won’t kick myself over that. It’s not worth it.
-The Edy’s was buy one get one free. I would never have paid the price that it was for ice cream but someone else I knew wanted it so I purchased it for them.
-The eggs were on sale for $0.99/dozen. I had a coupon for $0.55 off two dozen eggs.
-I got all of those batteries almost completely free. I had a $10.00 off coupon and a $5.00 off coupon Energizer batteries that the company sent to me directly after writing them a nice letter. This was completely awesome. I saved $15.00 on batteries!
-I had a coupon for $1.00/can of salmon.
-The jars of peanut butter were on sale—2 for $3.00
-I had two coupons for Domino Sugar. One for $3.00 off any Domino product, so I ended up getting one bag for free, and $0.40 off any bag of Domino sugar.


Hopefully there is something great I can buy next week from Walgreens with my Jingle Bucks. Perhaps some Christmas stocking stuffers—like candy!


Stay cheap my friends!


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