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Cheapskate Coupon Challenge: Week One Round-Up November 13, 2010

I decided to update my list of the coupons I have received as of this week. If I received something from the company, I  bolded the name. If it was a coupon success, I underlined the word success for your ease visually. Hopefully I have more to add next week!


Aleve (Bayer)

Amy’s Kitchen

Arm & Hammer (Church & Dwight Co.)

Arrid (Church & Dwight Co.)

Aunt Jemima (Quaker Oats Company)

Aussie (Procter & Gamble)

Ball Park Franks (Sara Lee Corporation)

Birds Eye

Burt’s Bees

Bush’s BeansSuccess! A nice letter along with four coupons: two save .55 on any two cans of Bush’s Best Beans and two .55 off any size/variety of Bush’s Baked Beans.

Cabot CheeseSuccess! They sent me some information about their products, some recipes and two coupons for $1.00 off any two Cabot products.

Cape Cod Chips

Carmex (Carma Laboratories)

Carnation Instant Breakfast (Nestle)

Carolina Rice (Riviana Foods)

Celestial Seasonings

Cetaphil (Galderma Laboratories)

Cheez-It (Kellogg)

Clif Bar

Crisco (J.M. Smucker)

Country Crock (Unilever) – Success! A nice letter and a holiday recipe collection. Included a booklet of coupons for savings between .50-$1.00 on Bertolli Frozen Products, Breyers Ice Cream, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Helmann’s, Lipton Tea, Wish-Bone Salad Dressings, Degree Anti-Perspirant, Dove Bar/Body Wash, Ponds Towelettes, Q-Tips, Suave and Vaseline.

Dannon Yogurt (Dannon Company)

Del Monte (Pounce, Meow Mix, Del Monte Veggies)

Dial (Henkel)Success! $0.40 off any Renuzit product except candles, $0.35 off any Dial product, $0.35 off any Soft & Dri product, $0.50 off any Liquid or Dry Purex Detergent, $0.50 off any Soft Scrub product and $0.35 off any Right Guard product. *Note: Company also stated in their letter that I could contact them for coupons every three months.

Domino Sugar (Domino Foods)

Dunkin Donuts

Eggland’s Best

Ellio’s (McCain Foods)

El Monterey (Ruiz Foods)



Fleichmann’s ActiveDry Yeast (ACH Foods)Success! I had actually complained that one of my packets did not cause a reaction whereas my other ones did. (I had done the same recipe.) I got a coupon for one free 3-strip ActiveDry Yeast.

Friskies (Nestle)

Frito-Lay (*Do not recall what specifically I wrote about to them—probably Lay’s or Doritos.)

Hebrew National (ConAgra)

Heckers Flour – Fail! I did not get any coupons but I did receive a booklet of recipes for whole wheat rolls, breads, bagels, pizza, cookies, muffins and coffee cake, which I felt was a nice gesture.

Hostess (Spoke about Mini Muffins, Donettes and 100 calorie packs—IBC)

Hungry Man (Pinnacle)

Hunt’s (ConAgra)

Ivory (Procter & Gamble)

Jif (J.M. Smucker)

Johnsonville Sausage

Jolly Time (American Pop Corn Company)

Kleenex (Kimberly-Clark)

Kozy Shack

Liquid Plumr (Clorox Company)

McCain Potatoes (McCain Foods)

Mrs. Dash (Alberto-Culver)Success! They sent me a nice letter, two sample packets and two coupons for .50 off my next purchase. They also generously included a small booklet of healthy recipes.

Old El Paso (Betty Crocker)


Pace Salsa (CSC Brands)

Pam (ConAgra Foods)

Pantene (Procter & Gamble)

Pepsi (PepsiCo)

Polly-O (Kraft)

Quaker Oats (Quaker Oats)

Ragu (Unilever)

SCJohnson (*Do not recall all products discussed. Scrubbing Bubbles was probably one of them.) Success! Scrubbing Bubbles must have been the product I complemented because I received a coupon for a free product up to $3.50. SCJohnson also sent me a little booklet with additional coupons: two more coupons for Scrubbing Bubbles products ($3.00 & $1.50 for a Power Sprayer starter kit and Power Sprayer refill, respectively), $2.00 off any Pledge/Armstrong floor cleaner, .50 off any Windex Multi-Surface cleaning product, .50 off any Ziploc brand bags, $1.00 off any Shout Color Catcher, $3.00 off any Glade Sense & Spray starter kit, $1.00 off any Glade Relaxing Moments Collection, $1.00 off any Glade Tough Odor Solutions, $2.00 off any OFF! Clip-on kit, and $4.00 off any Raid Max Bug Barrier starter.

Shady Brook Farms (Cargill Meat Solutions)

Simple Green (Sunshine Makers) Success! I believe I actually asked them for a sample and they sent me a plastic spray bottle, a small bottle of concentrated solution and very short instructions on diluting it. They also sent me a $2.00 coupon. This was the first thing I got and they sent it first class mail. Thanks Simple Green! You are awesome!

Sorrento (Lactalis)


Splenda (McNeil Nutritionals)Success! I just want to say that this company is completely awesome! They sent me a giant stirring spoon with the Kool-Aid face on it. They sent me a TON of recipes, 3-4 booklets of them. They also sent me four $1 off coupons on any Benecol spread as well as a giant magnet for Splenda conversions and three $1 off any Splenda product.

Stacy’s Pita Chips (Frito-Lay)


St. Ives


Suave (Unilever)

Super Pretzel (J&J)

Sweet Baby Rays

Tetley Tea

Thomas’ English Muffins (Bimbo Bakeries)Success! Two coupons for me to save $1.00 on any Thomas’ product.

Tidy Cats (Nestle)

TRESemme (Alberto-Culver)


Turkey Hill

Unilever (Other products I cannot recall.)

White Castle

Wonder Bread (HBI)




*I would just like to also mention Renuzit, who mailed me a coupon after I could not print one out from their site. Thank you Renuzit!


2 Responses to “Cheapskate Coupon Challenge: Week One Round-Up”

  1. findingserenity2010 Says:

    WOW! How do you do it?

    I have a hard time using coupons because I find I buy things I don’t need. And I don’t need much, really. Hope these coupons do you some good, though!

    • sakariasen Says:

      I also find that a lot of coupons are for things I do not need. I try to ignore them because I also do not want to find myself purchasing things I do not need.

      (1) I look around on three main sites:, and If you’re lucky, you might have a store that allows you to put these coupons directly onto a card. (For example, let’s say you have a store card for Shop Rite and they let you, through their website, directly apply coupons. You can attach them to your store card without the hassle of printing/cutting coupons.)

      (2) Contacting companies that I usually purchase things from also helps. Some companies have lists where they mail people coupons every few months. (I know P&G allows you to sign-up for something and that has new coupons every month.) Sometimes they tell you that you can contact them every three months for new coupons.

      (3) I try to hold onto coupons until whatever I want is on sale.

      (4) And I check out certain blogs daily. Really, all you need to do is find one and stick to it because they generally re-post from other people. I look at and she posts whenever there are freebies or new coupons posted. (Once I got a coupon for $4.00 toward a Wholly Guacamole product and the product was only $3.99 so I got it for free.)

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