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Cheapskate Coupon Challenge November 9, 2010

I decided, after perusing a forum and reading The 39 Dollar Experiment, that I would try my own “Coupon Outreach” program, as I would like to call it. Now it requires some of my own personal time that I have been able to secure thanks to being jobless and endless typing but I am doing it nonetheless. And really, if you don’t have tons of free time, you can do it maybe for ten or fifteen minutes here or there while you’re on the computer or even while you’re watching television. So what am I doing?


I am contacting companies and seeing if they will send me coupons and/or freebies. For the most part, I am not asking for coupons. I find myself mostly complimenting companies of products that I have or currently use. In order to maintain my sanity, I am: (1) breaking it up into periods of time (2) writing relatively short generic messages unless I really, really mean it (3) allowing my browser to auto-fill the same information over and over again. Now, if you plan on doing this as well, keep these things in mind:


  • If you have a legitimate complaint, make that clear. They usually require you to provide information regarding the product.
  • If you’re looking for ideas, you can check out my list and my results. I am contacting a ton of companies.
  • If you’re looking for more ideas, check around your house. Every time I saw a product that I have purchased, I wrote it down on my list in order to contact them later. Contact companies if you are particularly loyal to them—after all, you’re probably making them a lot of money.
  • If you want to ask for coupons, go for it. There are a couple of companies for which I asked for a free sample or coupons so that I could try their product. If I haven’t used their product before, I’d rather not lie about it.
  • You can call, write or send an e-mail. To me, the easiest thing is finding the “contact us” button on the website and shooting them a quick message. Like I said, I am keeping my messages more or less the same.
  • Try keeping a list of the companies you contact and who actually sends you coupons or freebies. You might as well contact them another 6-12 months down the line.


In the upcoming weeks, I plan on regularly updating my list. Feel free to contact companies who have sent me free stuff. If a company doesn’t send me free stuff, that is good information for you so that you don’t have to waste your time. Stay cheap my friends!


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