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Three Cleaning Products to Be Miserly Over October 28, 2010

Household items are so easy to buy. Really. You might walk into a store and find yourself walking right into aisles and aisles of appealing products. But it’s really easy to cut costs here or there with household items. Here are three different products that are used to clean someone or something that you can save money on anytime!


1. Soap. I frequently see people buying bottles of soap. Often times, those little bottles are on sale. You’ll see them for about .99 cents. For example, when I first moved into my apartment, I bought a few different bottles of SoftSoap, 7.5 fluid ounces, for .99 cents a pop. I thought, “Good deal. I like the way they smell and they’re only a buck.” After that, I decided to buy a large bottle of liquid soap so that I could continue to reuse the same soap dispenser. I bought a four liter jug of soap over a year ago and I still have it. The jug of soap was approximately $8, though sometimes they are on sale for even cheaper. For the amount of soap I have in the jug, I would have to buy 18 of the abovementioned bottles, thus pay $18 plus tax for what I was able to get for $8. If you want to avoid all of this then I guess you can just ignore the entire idea of washing your hands. (Note: Joke was inserted at the end of this paragraph.)


2. Bleach. Drink up! (Note: Do not do that! Ever!) I bought a 22 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach, for $1. HomeBasics. I thought, “Good deal.” Then I realized, I can buy a big bottle of bleach for less than $2 and make my own cleaner by diluting the bleach.  Diluting the bleach and reusing the same bottle will save me a ton of money. Besides, bleach is one of the best things to use to clean your bathroom and kitchen. It is so simple yet so effective! Proceed to this link if you want to make your own cleaner:


3. Detergent. Detergent is one of those things that lures you in by playing games with your olfactory system. Commercials make detergents incredibly appealing, attempting to wow you with their results. Can’t you tell that you should buy their products just by the sheer joy that people express upon washing their clothing? Their smiles are intoxicating! Okay, enough of that. The first thing you should do if you’re trying to save money and be as frugal as possible is to forget about those lofty dreams you’ve had where all you can think about is keeping the bright colors alive and well in your clothing! (1) You do NOT need to purchase detergent that runs from $8+ a bottle. (2) You do not need fabric softener, as nice as your clothing feels and as great as it smells. (3) Only buy detergent when it is on sale and stock up. I bought five bottles of Xtra Detergent for $10 almost two years ago and I still have plenty of detergent left. (4) Keep your eyes out for any detergent coupons as well.


Hope you enjoyed my blog entry for today. I’ll always take recommendations for what to write about and I have tons of ideas coming your way. Keep these ideas in mind to start saving money today!


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